January 2017

Sizequeens & anyone else looking to expand their range, take note!

During the shortest month of the year, get a a good deal on the longest dildos.

Coming Very Soon!

We know more than a few of you have been waiting impatiently for the new Maskulo Fetish Gear.


As they say: good things come to those who wait, and damn, are these things good.


Arriving next month, before Leatherpride Belgium


You can check out all the Maskulo gear currently in stock HERE, the new items will be added at the start of February and from then on be available for pre-order.


Discounts still valid through January!

Just a few of the items currently at discounted prices. To see all of them, follow this link. See those big discounts on hot new items from brands such as Oxballs, Perfect Fit Brand, Rocks Off Limited, Sport Fucker, CB-X Male Chastity ...? Those are valid from now all through January, so come & get 'm while you can!